Horse Racing and Motorsports

Similarities in horse racing and motorsports

It will be surprising if you notice the similarities between horse racing and motorsports.  Horses and stables are owned by wealthy and affluent individuals. Owner of a race team does exactly the same. Both these sports have raced in a variety of tracks, of different lengths, textures, and design. Jockeys are extreme athletes of speed and strength, similar to a pro car racer. There are regulations that dictate maximum weight and dimensions of the car in motorsports. Similarly, only selected breeds of horses are eligible for horse racing races. Also, both horse racing and motorsports are usually availiable for gambling online. You might not find them on a site like best roulette systems which is about roulette systems and gabling on roulette, but you will definately find some betting markets on these sports if you look at online bookmakers worldwide.

The transition from horse racing to motorsports…

The arrival of thought for such a sport may have been delayed in case of horse racing since horses lived long before mankind. Car racing has started the very moment the second car on the planet was road ready. It should be at one point in time cars should have taken over horses as a faster traveling entity in racing. The transition of the sport hasn’t been half as successful. Even to this date horse races makes more fortune and fame than most pro car races. Simply put, cars haven’t replaced horses in tracks yet and don’t seem to do it for another century.

Motorsports should follow M.O of Horse Racing

What makes horse racing works better is their M.O. to allow betting. The betting is approved by the committee and the state. Car there racing fans can bet on online betting books and other illicit methods only. People like to watch a race only when there is huge wagering money riding on it. Car races charge anywhere from $20 to few thousand as entrance fee since no betting gains come to the committee. Instead, they should allow free or low-cost entry and allow legal betting for their races. 

Some references when it comes to motorsports and horseracing


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